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Final League Positions

Teams 'C' and 'F' are champions!
Other positions:
Rudford 'A': 3rd in Division 1 with 92 points, behind Forest Products with 105 and Division 1 Champions Highnam 'A' with 129 points.
Rudford 'B': 7th in Division 1 with 52 points. Unfortunately, this will mean they will be playing in Division 2 next season.
Rudford 'C': Champions of Division 2 with 128 points, a staggering 11 more than their closest rivals, Civil Service 'A' who gained 117 points throughout the season.
Rudford 'D': 5th in Division 2 avoiding relegation by a large margin with 81 points.
Rudford 'E': 2nd in Division 4, with 119 points, only 5 points behind Div 4 champions, Highnam 'C'. This means they will be playing in Division 3 next season.
Rudford 'F': Winners of Division 5, gaining 126 points throughout the season, 9 points more than 2nd position side, Phoenix 'D'. 
For full results and tables see here.