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Issue 7: April 2016

Rudford "A" Team report

As captain, it was nice to win the league from Frampton by 461 to 392. Thanks go out to other club members helping me out when short. With Gordon on 86.84% and Liwu Wei on 85%. Lets hope for another successful season.

Darren Griffin (Capt.)

Rudford "B" Team report

Since the Christmas break, Rudford B put in some solid performances, winning 6 out of 8 matches. They all stepped up in the latter stages when we needed 6 points more than our closest rivals Frampton Corinthians in our last respective matches. As we were against Rudford C and Frampton had Rudford A we managed a 10 point advantage in the end coming a very respectable 2nd in the Division.

The new additions to the team all played their part, along with Lee Bruton who played up for us twice since Christmas.

Averages (Games/Matches); Simon Pratten (74%/89%), Simon Morgan (61%/70%), Ben Roberts (70%/76%), Patryk Kowacz (61%/67%), Mike Morgan (40%/33%), Jon Gaskell (51%/52%).

Ann Barnes (Capt.)

Rudford "C" Team report

On the whole, a good season and managed to avoid relegation. Rob hopes to be back to full fitness for next season after his hip operation so onward and upward for next season.

Lee Bruton (Capt.)

Rudford "D" Team report

Predictably, the team struggled most of the season but did its best to make a game of it.  Highlights included knocking the Honours Board off twice and Barrie Pope’s 1980s England football shorts.  Despite Barrie’s cunning plan to upset his opponents, he lost every match;  we await Barrie’s ploy for next season.  Unsurprisingly, despite beating Barrie, the team succumbed to finishing in the bottom two but, hopefully, we can all look forward to pitting our wits against less able players next season.

Trevor Oliver (Capt.)

Rudford "E" Team report

When we started the 2015 /2016 season we set ourselves two targets, the first was not to be relegated and the second was to avoid promotion. We met these targets thanks to a sterling effort by Messrs Welsh, Romero and Trifiro who managed a great 29 - 6 win in the last game against Highnam B. This left us third from bottom (17 points more than Kendall A) and thus avoiding relegation.

The individual records were mixed with Agustin leading the charge with a 60.39% which was in 13th place in the individuals. Fabrizio was next with a 56.3% and in 17th position, followed by Alan with 46.7% and 28th place. The captain, myself, led from the rear with a 35th place at 41.6%

The real problem was in the doubles where we successfully managed to regularly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The overall average was 34% - a score that is flattering due to the new scoring methodology.

We are all looking forward to the 2016 / 2017 season where we hope to achieve our objectives in a less exciting manner.

Stewart Jones (Capt.)

Rudford "F" Team report

It was great to still be at the top of the division at the end of the season after having a bit of a scare near the finishing line! Max decided that it was not a game for him and called it a day. The remaining younger players in the team could be relied on to pull us through. Kim, Margaret and myself (young at heart!) played the majority of the time with excellent contributions from Michael, Sten and Kyle. Kyle is an obvious candidate for division 1 next season but did not play as much as the others. He had the highest average in the team, winning all of his games with very few going above three sets.

Kyle Day 90%    Pete Humble 74.51%   Margaret Pang 68.84% Kim Benson-Bunch 64.37%

Michael Pang 52.33%   Sten Salisbury 36.92%   Max Benson-Bunch 33.33%

Pete Humble (Capt.)

Rudford "G" Team report

Rudford "H" Team report