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Issue 6: Jan 2016

Rudford "A" Team report

Rudford "B" Team report

This season I decided to take a break from playing in the Gloucester League, but somehow still ended up running Team "B". Saying that, after getting everyone organised, it seems to have run itself pretty well. After having a reshuffle of the team from last year as Simon Moysey and Lawrence Symonds also decided not to play, we have gained a few new faces in Jon Gaskell and Simon Pratten from Cheltenham, Simon Morgan from Hereford and Patryk Kowacz from Malvern. Mike Morgan and Ben Roberts continued to be part of the team.

It was hard to predict how the team was going to do with all the changes, and the new members have certainly added strength and depth to the team. At the Christmas break, the team was in 2nd position in Division 1 (all be it with 2 games in hand). Ben continues his consistency with a very respectable 79% after playing in 8 matches, with both Simon Morgan and Simon Pratten in the 70%’s.

We had to play players up twice with Agustin Romero and Kyle Day both gaining valuable points for our team.

In the Handicap tournament we were up against it being drawn against Sandhurst B with a 301 handicap against us. We lost by 55 points.

Ann Barnes (Non-Playing Captain)

Rudford "C" Team report

New to the team this year is Nick Walker and is lifting the standard of all the team members. Hope to finish mid-table of Division 1.

Lee Bruton (Captain)

Rudford "D" Team report

Injuries and illness have blunted the Team's effort in their annual assault on the summit of the Division. Unfortunately, the team has yo-yoed in the bottom two all season despite the admiratble andeavours of the ageless Ken Smith and the ever youthful Chris Pearce. Sadly, Graham Chandler has been sat on the sidelines lately nursing a few aches and pains; however we welcome him back at the end of January ready to resume the quest of retaining our Div 1 status (fat chance!). As I write, we're bottom!!

Trevor Oliver (Captain)

Rudford "E" Team report

We are in the middle of the league and are likely to remain there. Fabrizio has had some good wins and is looking as though his game is constantly improving. Agustin has the best average and is playing well, Alan has also had some excellent wins. My form remains very patchy with the poorest of the averages. We have had to draw on the services of Pete Humble and Sten Salisbury once each to help when we could not get a team out. They were unfortunate as they were both against very strong opposition.

Stewart Jones (Captain)

Rudford "F" Team report

Team F Division 3 consists of four juniors promoted from Division 4, two "mature" players and one experienced junior recruited from Hereford. The juniors are still improving and, with the experience of the wrinklies in the team, are proving to be hard to beat. At mid-season the team were in first place.

Pete Humble (Captain)

Rudford "G" Team report

Rudford "H" Team report