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Issue 2: April 2013

Rudford "A" Team report

After being in 2nd position after the first half of the season, it was always going to be a close battle to remain in that position, with RSV and Friends biting at our heels. Well, it couldn’t have been much closer – we ended up only 1 point ahead of our rivals finishing in the runners-up spot!

With 5 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses since the Christmas break, including a strong super-sub performance by Lee Bruton when he played up verses the strong Highnam outfit, meaning a draw result, it proved just enough to hold our position.

Olly Tyndall continued to provide strong performances ending up with an impressive average of 81.25% winning 26 out of 32 in his first season in Division 1, with only 2 defeats out of 14 in the second half of the season.

The rest of the team backed this up with the following averages: Dave Harvey (92.86%), Ann Barnes (62.79%), Simon Moysey (58.33%) and Lawrence Symonds (50%).

Ann Barnes, Captain

Rudford "D" Team report

A successful season was completed by us, two of us making the handbook averages (40% or more), me for the first time ever in Div 1. As a team we will stay in this division for another season. Mel Boulton will be training to be a paramedic next season so won't be playing in the Gloucester League (we will miss her). Looking forward to next season with intrepidation!

Lee Bruton, Captain

Rudford "E" Team report

As in the previous season when Olyy Tyndall kept the E team in division two, this season it was Owen Berry's turn. The team ended up in fifth place - just three points above relegation. Owen's improvement through the year was noticeable and he will be an asset in any division one team that he inevitably joins next season. Owen played 45, won 26 making his average a respectable 57.78%

Colin Bruton was a very useful 6th player filling in when required - at one time with a badly damaged hand!

Glyn Lloyd was not able to play as much as the team would have liked due to other commitments and accessibility of some venues.

Agustin Romero was a consistent, reliable member of the team and entertained us all with his unique forehand hit on the backhand side!

Trevor Seymour, despite his advanced years, managed to win games against players with much higher averages.

Pete Humble - as captain I was pleased to have such an amenable team. As for my own play - it is far too inconsistent (advanced years?) and to stay up in division two next season we will need to bring in another strong player to take Owen's place - any volunteers?!

Pete Humble, Captain

Rudford "F" Team report

Well, the season went just as we expected – disastrously!! Having been promoted as runners-up last season we expected a tough season and that is just what we got.

There is no disputing the fact that we were the strongest team in division 3 coming last by 6 points, should have been only four but we were docked two points for a late card, Oh! the disgrace. Fabrizio won half of our points (26 points), while Dave, Phil and myself accumulated 25 between us with another four being added by the doubles. There is also no disputing the fact that we had some entertaining and sociable matches along the way, chocolate muffins at Phoenix and MOST teams provided some refreshments. Personally I had some very close encounters with some of the top of the average players which gives some sort of satisfaction. Phil still has to adjust to his new eyes but hopefully next season WILL be better!

All in all a season to forget and concentrate on the next one.

Sten Salisbury, Captain.